Czech women

Czech women

What are the stereotypes for Czech women?

For many reasons, Czechs are some of the most cherished women in the world. Situated slap bang in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic is multi-cultural and welcoming to other nationalities. Huge changes since the 1989 demise of communism have seen the development of a new life-style for the local population. While retaining many of their original traditions, the Czechs are open to the new points of view that have materialised over the past 25 years. Czech women, especially, understand the plusses introduced by a multi-cultural environment, both for themselves and for their children.

What do Czech women look like?

Simple answer? Fantastic! When you visit the Czech Republic, you‘ll see many beautiful ladies, specialy when you go to big cities like Prague, Brno, and Ostrava, places where there‘s a large concentration of Czech people. In this country girls have their own natural beauty, Czech women have the ability to look gorgeous at all times. Knowing how to eat sensibly, they have a healthy complexion, great skin and bright eyes.

  • Naturally beautiful, Czech women don’t need to spend many hours in front of a mirror - for special occasions they might apply a tad more make-up, but in general they prefer to rely on the advantages given them by Mother Nature.
  • Czech woman, like most other women in the world, enjoy wearing fashionable clothes and smart shoes, and love to take good care of themselves.
  • They are honest, kind and friendly
  • Perhaps a little more conservative, though more practised than their eastern European counterparts, Czech women and girls like to wear comfortable clothes in their day-to-day lives.
  • On their feet, they’ll wear running shoes or sneakers and, occasionally, low heels. As elsewhere, here in the Czech Republic, high heels, short skirts, fur and heavy make-up, usually signify the possibility that the woman could be a prostitute.
  • While loving to portray their femininity, Czech women possess an amazing inner sparkle which does away with the need for vulgar clothing and still looks beautiful.
  • Czech women are smart, and, when it makes sense, they will probably learn the language of their choosen partner, knowing the importance of being able to understand one another. 

Why date a beautiful Czech single lady?

Even though they enjoy access to the conveniences of the west, many Czech women follow the traditional view regarding partnerships and family life. When choosing a partner for life, they will love and maintain loyalty for that person, although, like most of us, there will be problems if the couple have nothing in common. Because of being used to having a job in order to earn money, Czech women are not out to seek the riches of a foreigner – they’re more interested in looking for someone with whom to live and raise a family. While respecting the authority of the male, they will stand proudly beside their chosen partner and share complete loyalty. Happy to make decisions and keep the family happy, a Czech woman will always discuss a serious decision with her partner.

Girls from the Czech Republic mostly like to meet men from Austria and Germany, as these are neighbouring countries. However, they are also interested in meeting people from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and many other western oriented countries.

Dating Czech women

How to date Czech woman?

When meeting a typical single Czech girl or lady, there are a few simple tips you should follow in order to be succesfull and win her heart. Czech women are romantic and don’t normally play at having some part-time romance. Most Czech girls, ladies or women are looking for a serious relationship. While many of them would one day like to be a bride, some don‘t actually need marriage and are just looking for a soul mate with whom to spend and share their life and maybe have a family. Because women from this central European country could have different attitudes to those from others, you should always listen carefully to what she says when first dating her.

  1. Bring her some flowers - specially for the first date. It‘s polite to show that you are seriously interested, but remember that the flowers should be comfortable for her to hold in her hand, so it‘s not nessasary to bring a big bunch of 20 roses.
  2. Remember to open the door for your lady when entering a building. And, if the weather is pleasant, it could be a great idea to stay outside as many Czech women are sportive and love to walk in romantic places.
  3. When choosing to date this fabulous eastern European girl, you must know that she will be interested in you as a person, so she‘ll obviously want to talk about your live and what you like to do, along with many other subjects.
  4. For Czech women it is very important to be perceived as a partner and not just taken for granted like some piece of eye candy. You should always ask her about her opinions on all matters.
  5. If you want to win her heart, it’s probably not a good idea to suggest sex on the first date.

Why consider marriage with a Czech woman?

While she is serious about love and marriage, a Czech wife usually looks forward to returning to work when her children reach a certain age. Following the traditional Czech culture in which the male is the main provider, the woman is happy to take care of the family, see to the housework and perhaps hold down a job which will bring in a secondary income. Perhaps a tailback from the communist era, when women were expected to work full time and then come home and look after the family, there is still the expectation that the man will assist with some of the daily household chores.

If she relocates to another country, the Czech woman will find a job or start studying for new qualifications as soon as possible. She doesn’t like to be bored, and, whilst it’s important for her to have friends, her family will always come first. In their relationships, Czech women are honest and fair and will do their utmost to keep a meaningful partnership steady on its feet.

Not too sure about Czech women? Maybe you should try other nice, kind, foreign women, for example from the Ukraine, Romania, Thailand, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary or Russia. These women will also inspire you and help to make your life very enjoyable. Just check through our profiles and start chatting. It‘s easy!

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